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What is Cognitive-Behavioural Hypnotherapy?

Cognitive-behavioural hypnotherapy is a form of therapy that helps people change their thoughts and behaviours by teaching them techniques to use in everyday life.

This treatment takes less time than many other types; on average clients have four or six sessions with the therapist before experiencing long-lasting results.

Rather than telling you how your body needs fixations such as eating disorders/addictions etc. Self-esteem issues often arise due to stressors outside one's control.

I will work closely alongside you helping enhance every aspect of your experience including relationships at home, school or work.

How does it heal?

CBH is given in a peaceful calm environment and provides you with opportunities to address deeply-held negative thoughts and feelings and together we will create the positive changes.

CBH will help you become alert and aware of your automatic negative thoughts and feelings and you will address these using your techniques.

Throughout the hypnosis you remain fully conscious and have the free will to accept or reject suggestions that you don't want.

In cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy, you'll experience deep calm and relaxation. In this relaxed state you'll be able to accept the deep and lasting changes that you desire. Whether the issues are stress, anxiety, depression, unhelpful habits or phobias, confidence or something else altogether, the benefits created will give you more control and personal empowerment over your life.

I hold a diploma in cognitive behavioural therapy with hypnotherapy, and have tutored students at the UK College of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy.

What if I can’t be hypnotised?

Hypnosis is a very personal experience but 98% of people respond to it, so the chances are that it will work for you.

Session fees

Cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy: £60.00 for 60 minutes or book two sessions in advance for £100.00.

Contact me for a free 15 minute telephone chat to explore cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy with me in Wandsworth South West London, at your home or on Zoom or Skype.

“Sheena was recommended to me by a friend. I desperately needed help for my 16-year-old son, who was struggling with today's teenage world. She had my son's trust instantly, which was no mean feat, and the transformation in him was incredible to see. Mary-Elaine went above and beyond for me and my son, for which I will always be truly grateful.” - Heather, Exeter

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